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Want to learn the English language? English already has become a global language in both business and in cross cultural communication. We will help you in communicating with your business partners and speakers of other languages. So why not study English in relaxed, friendly English speaking environment. This is an excellent opportunity to apply all of your knowledge of the language in structured or conversational classes within a native speaking environment. We offer the Training you want without age restrictions, in groups and / or individual-one price.

Because of the constant changing techniques in language teaching and learning, Gannon & Gannon Language School uses the Eclectic approach to suit your personal needs. The Eclectic approach takes the best of several methods, i.e grammar translation; direct method; communicative approach; presentation, practice and production methods; and of course the task based method. And then we adapt them according to each individual learning style of the students.

Our mission is to help you realize the potentials you already have and take you from the absolute beginner to speaking and using the English language. The Gannon & Gannon Language School is conveniently located in the city center here in Sofia.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday




IEERA - International English Education Research Association, the global education research association, with approximately 5 million members in over 120 countries. Its mission is to ensure excellence in English language teaching. Get TESOL certified today.

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